The Rolls Royce Phantom

Our Royce Phantom replaced our previous model in 2020 and is finished in the stunning combination of Jubilee Silver and Black leather interior which shows off your wedding dress beautifully. This car used to belong to Rolls Royce themselves and carried their VIPs to special events. It is therefore fitted with many desirable options with the most significant one being the starlight headlining. This is quite a rare option amongst the wedding car market and adds that wow factor to your photos. We are happy to meet with you so that you can inspect the car before booking. If you require a different type of vehicle we can call upon our trusted network of colleagues and do our best to assist you further.

Important things to consider when choosing your wedding car

The traditional wedding car is normally white and for some only white will do but some others like something a bit different.  However, you need to consider the fact that white cars do not always photograph well when matched with a white or ivory dress.  Silver or darker colours are better in this respect and the car must be immaculately presented as the camera will show every detail.  A dark interior shows off a white wedding dress beautifully in the photos.

It is not just about the size of the dress.  You need to think about entry and exit from the car.  How big is the door opening?  How low is the seat? What is the headroom like?  For many, this will be the first time you have sat down wearing your corset, dress, train and with your hair arrangement in place.  This is even more daunting when trying to get into a car at the same time.

This is a personal choice and for many only a vintage car will do along with all of the period charm.  However, vintage cars are by nature very old and can be temperamental. The older cars don’t even have heaters let alone air conditioning, and brakes on only 2 wheels.   As well as the risk of breakdown on the biggest day of your life, some of the vintage cars lack the space referred to above.  We advise viewing the cars very carefully and not letting the heart rule the head.

If your wedding is in the summer you will need a car with good air conditioning. Chances are that you will be very hot in your dress, so effective air conditioning to prevent makeup runs is essential. Most modern cars have air conditioning these days but if your wedding is in the winter you will also need good heating to keep your exposed shoulders warm.

For many the image of driving along in an open top car looking fantastic on your wedding day is what dreams are made of.  The reality can be quite different though.  If it is summer you will become very hot and your expensive hair arrangement will likely be rather windswept by the time you reach the venue.  If you have the roof raised then you will probably feel quite claustrophobic and nobody will get a good view of you due to the shape of the rear window line. Entry and exit is also made much more difficult by virtue of the fact that all soft top modern cars only have 2 doors.

We have deliberately saved the most important consideration until last. When selecting your car it is imperative that you try and see the actual car and driver who will be driving you on the biggest day of your life. Remember that not only are you trusting them with your wedding but with your life too. Do not simply rely on photographs found on websites and certainly don’t just pick the cheapest. There are too many horror stories of happy couples sending money to people they have never met for cars that don’t even exist. Wedding cars are exempt from all forms of regulation so you need to see the insurance at the very least. If you are unable to view the car then speak to couples who have used them before, or to venues who know them well. Remember, this is the biggest day of your life and the car plays the biggest part of it as it carries you there. Furthermore, the car you choose will be in your wedding photo album for a lifetime, so please make sure it is the right one.

These are some of the main points to consider but if you have any other questions we would love to help.

“We used Connect Limos for our wedding and it was amazing! It made the day feel so special, from the lights on the roof of the car to the general service of David being so friendly & lovely.

We will remember it forever!

Thank you Connect Limos”


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